WPNinja UG CH 2111

Freitag 5 November 2021, Digicomp Bern

(Session Details folgen in den nächsten Tagen)

Registrierungab 7:45 bis 8:15
8.15-09.15Automatisation for MEM engineers
Automation is a crucial part to simplify an environment. We will discuss different possibilities and my experience with them. Additionally, I will demonstrate examples based on simple PowerShell scripts, Azure Automation and MEM.
Thomas Kurth
09.30-10.30Android Mobile Device Management with Microsoft Endpoint Manager
This session will show about the current and upcoming possibilities on Android with Endpoint Manager. We’ll show where we are and what’s coming next.
Lothar Zeitner
10.45-11.45Cool Security Features introduced in 2021
During this session I will walk you through some Microsoft security features that were introduced in 2021.
Alex Verboon
12:45 – 13:45 Application Management in Intune/MEMCM with DevOps
Wie können wir uns eine einfache Hilfe stellen, zur Paketierung, egal ob für ConfigMgr oder Intune, mit Devops als Hilfsmittel ist fast alles Möglich. Workflows, approvals Automatisierung und vieles mehr. Wir zeigen euch in dieser Session was wir bereits in einem Projekt umgesetzt haben.
Roger Zander / Mirko Colemberg
13.45 – 14:00Pause
14.00 – 15:00TBD
Kenny Buntix
15.15-16.1510 Tips to Control Access to Corporate Resources with Microsoft 365 – 2111 edition
Bring or Buy Your Own Device is still hot and your employees demanding access to your corporate data and apps. It can be a challenge to provide secured access without adding to much hurdles for your end users. During this session you will learn how to allow users to bring their devices in your company. You will learn when to use what product or what new feature to comply to your own set of security rules, all by using the power of Azure and Microsoft 365. Expect an updated and demo heavy session with real live experiences to be shared!
Peter Daalmans
16:30 – ….real Beer o’clock
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