Workplace Ninjas CH 2011 Virtual

Freitag 6 November 2020, Virtual

Registrierungab 8:00
8.30-09.15All new cool Features in MEMCM
The Change in direction that the MEMCM Team has made to better support Covid-19 and the new way of working in MEMCM is just amazing! During this session we Deep dive in the latest of it all Technical Preview for the win!

Jörgen Nilsson

As an administrator or security department you don’t want to manage those thousands of different mobile Android and iOS/iPadOS devices that might be used to access your corporate e-mail or documents. Focus instead on the corporate apps and data. Learn in this session from notes from the field how to enable users to access their corporate email, documents, intranet sites or other cloud services by using Microsoft Endpoint Manager together with Azure AD.

Peter Daalmans
10.30-11.15security powershell pingpong

Alex and Alex will demonstrate some security features from the Microsoft security stack and how to interact with them with PowerShell.

Alex & Alex
11.30-12.15 Methods to deploy Applications with MEM
Applications are the most crucial part to make empower employees and help them to be productive. But application management is not simple, it’s complex because you have plenty of options in Microsoft Endpoint Manager.
How should updates be handled? Should the user be notified? How to deal with reboots? Which method in Intune and MEMCM have which advantages? Should I still use ConfigMgr or should I start using Intune to deploy my Apps?
During this session I will cover many of these questions and help you to find the best route through this jungle of options.
Thomas Kurth
13.15-14.00Shared Devices for Firstline Workers
With Microsoft Endpoint Manager we added the support for Shared Devices for Android and iOS. This session shows how we can configure Android and iOS Devices in Shared Mode.
Lothar Zeitler
14.15-15.00Becoming a PowerShell ConfigMgr Ninja is CIMple!
The ConfigMgr PowerShell cmdlets are cool and all. But they’re slow. And they require the Configuration Manager module. And a user session. Too much!
Be like a PowerShell ninja, sneak past the Configuration Manager module, enter and leave the SMS Site without leaving a footprint and still get what you want faster than I can spell my own name!
We’ll look at connecting to the SMS Provider, not through WMI, but CIM. I’ll tell you why and show you the differences. And we’ll talk about lazy properties and dynamic methods. Which are not always that CIMple!
You will walk away with new and better methods to script your custom solutions. You will see you won’t even have to rewrite most of your scripts and still make them faster and more lightweight.
Merlijn Van Waeyenberghe
15.15-16.00Endpoint Analytics and proactive remediation
Endpoint Analytics is a new analytics solution from Microsoft that aims to increase user productivity by shifting focus from being reactive to being proactive. In order to be proactive, you need insight into data you can measure against. Endpoint Analytics consists mainly of 3 components today.
– Recommended Software
– Start-up Performance
– Proactive remediations
In this session we will go through all 3 components, while Proactive Remediations is the area we will spend the most time on.
Jan Ketil Skanke
16.15-17.00Current Experiences with MSIX
It has been two years since Microsoft released the first version of MSIX.  Microsoft has continued to evolve the base product and tooling, while the community has helped to evolve the Package Support Framework and build specialized tooling to assist.  In this session we’ll take a look at what has changed, provide an update on where we see application compatibility, and share some of our experiences along the way.
Timothy Mangan
17.00-…..Virtual Beer….

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