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As the CTO and co-founder of Revacom Mathias has spent the last 12 years in the Application Lifecycle industry, especially in Application Packaging. His vision is the automation of the current manual and complicated process.Apptimized- Application Packaging AutomationThe Revacom Apptimized Delivery Model provides the innovative approach IT functions need to support the consumerisation wave sweeping through their user base. Using the experience gained during a decade of delivering application packaging services, Revacom has created an approach which combines smart automation and its established global delivery capabilities. Utilising cloud computing technology, Revacom has introduced real customer self-service while keeping delivery quality at the highest level. Apptimized Enterprise is a hosted self-service portal, which simplifies and automates the application packaging and provisioning process for Microsoft Windows based environments. Apptimized Enterprise allows companies to apply continuous delivery techniques, massively reducing preparation time for deployment of desktop software and cutting the costs by up to 70%.


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