Compliance – the new orange in Enterprise Client Management

Forget about the days where managing compliance was a question of implementing the correct group policy and enabling all updates in WSUS: The challenges of today and tomorrow are different, devices become more diverse, demands from business is changing and it’s no longer considered secure to only focus about Windows updates. This session will teach you how can use Compliant Management in Configuration Manager R2 to ensure compliance on your Windows 8.1 computer, Mac OSx devices, Windows Phone devices, IOS devices and Android devices along with building a software update solution that also includes patching 3rd party applications.

2 Responses to Compliance – the new orange in Enterprise Client Management


    Attended this Session only to get some examples for CI Usage. That’s what i get.
    Always nice to attend sessions from Kent, good stuff, not too much PowerPoints.

    Topic: excellent
    Speaker: excellent


    Topic very interesting.
    Speaker->Chuck Norris approved…:-) = GREAT

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