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Freitag 23. August 2019, Digicomp Zürich

SCCM Client Track Intune Azure Track Security Track
9.00-10.00Becoming a Master in Process Monitor and Process Explorer Blockchain, the ultimate guide The Night is Dark and full of Hackers: Security Tips & Tricks from Beyond the Wall
  On this session Sami Laiho, one of the world’s leading Windows professionals, shows you how to use the two most important tools in any troubleshooting case and the most downloaded of the Sysinternals Suite: Process Explorer and Process Monitor. Everyone will find tips in this session, whether you’re a newbie or the most seasoned admin. Many of you will have heard of Bitcoin and Blockchain and may want to understand how Blockchains work and their uses beyond supporting the underpinning of cryptocurrency. Your endeavours to understand Blockchain may well be thwarted by the deluge of confusing and contradictory information on the Internet.

Come to this session and let John Craddock take you through his ultimate guide on Blockchain. You will learn about all the components for creating and managing a Blockchain distributed ledger and how it is becoming a core component of many distributed environments.
With the number of cyber-attacks seemingly out of control, it’s time to get a grip on cybercrime. Despite what you’ve heard, good security doesn’t have to cost the earth. In his latest security session, join our man from the North, Andy Malone as he discusses the latest cyber-attack techniques and tools. More importantly, he’ll provide practical advice on what you can do today to thwart the bad guy and re-take control of your environment. This is a session packed with tips, advice and demos on improving your organisational security. Don’t miss out!
  Sami LaihoJohn CraddockAndy Malone
10.15-11.15What’s new I Configuration Manager 1906 an beyond  Decentralized Identity Lock stock & two non-smoking Hackers: CloudApp Security Deep Dive
  We cover all the latest features in Configuration Manager 1906 and beyond. We are spoiled as Configuration Manager admins, before we had one release every fifth year, the three Current Branch releases and 12 Technical previews, now we got 1902.2 for example as well =  getting close to 20 releases of Configuration manager per year! Amazing work by the Product group. We also get the small fixes like the ones that they collect at MMS 2019 in Minnesota for example, small UI fixes that has been annoying for years! During this session we will cover alla the new cool stuff In Configuration manager 1906 and most important all the cool stuff from the Technical Previews that didn’t make it to 1906Take a moment to count up how many identities you have for accessing work and social resources. Probably included in your list will be Office 365, Amazon, Gmail, your corporate network, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many more¦ Who controls those identities? Not you! In today’s world we are forced to entrust multiple organizations with holding our identity, in many cases, secured by only a username and password. How would it be, if YOU, were in sole control of your identity and not relying on multiple organizations protect it for you?
Come to this session and you learn how multiple organizations are working towards the future with proposals and open standards for decentralized identity (DID). Organizations will no longer own identity, you will be in control. This self-owned identity will integrate seamlessly into your daily live and give you complete control of the information you share and who you share it with. Discover the future of identity systems, a session not to be missed! If you want to really understand how blockchain, which is a core component of DID, works attend John Craddock’s session Blockchain, the ultimate guide.
If you’ve deployed Office 365 MDM solutions or Microsoft Intune, then Cloud App security is the one must have security feature. Working seamlessly with your infrastructure it provides an immersive and simple set of tools to audit, manage and secure apps in your enterprise. In this session Join Andy Malone as he delves deep inside CloudApp Security with the ultimate demofest. Packed with tips tricks to help you get the most out of the technology.
Panu Saukko, Jörgen Nilsson John Craddock Andy Malone
11.30-12.30 5 Major changes in Configuration Manager that will rock your world!! Manage and deploy Windows 10 Apps using Microsoft 365 How advanced hackers operate and the things you can do
Major changes that we could only dream about a couple of years are coming! The innovation in Configuration Manager is going faster and faster! We will deep-dive into 5 major new features for example:
-Direct application deployment without collections
-Administration Service HTTPS
-Community Hub
These changes are major changes to the product which enabled new scenarios and possibilities.
Microsoft Intune currently support a variety of apps types and deployment scenarios on Windows 10 devices. In this session you will learn how to use the right technologies for the right types of apps and how to optimize content delivery from the Microsoft Cloud.
This session will include lots of demos and notes from the fields.
In this session you will learn how advanced hackers operate when they are attacking. How do hackers bypass all your investment in security technology such as Antivirus, Reputation Services, Sandboxes, Application Whitelisting and more? This is something Oddvar will go over in his session. You will learn how to make harder for hackers to get in and move around and make your environments more secure.
Panu Saukko, Jörgen Nilsson Ronni Pedersen, Peter DaalmansOddvar Moe
13.30-14.30Content delivery deep diveTroubleshooting the modern managed client Ten practical tips to secure your corporate data with Microsoft 365 – 201908 edition
Applications, updates and operating systems are getting bigger and bigger and are released faster and faster. This requires even more focus on how the content will be delivered to the workplace. Microsoft is slowly moving more and more workloads to Delivery Optimization, but also LEDBAT and BranchCache have big impact on your concepts, regardless if you are using ConfigMgr or Intune for deployments. This session will demonstrate the capabilities of the built-in technologies (Delivery Optimization(DO), BranchCache, LEDBAT) and shows how they can reduce your WAN traffic. During this session we will dive deep into how to troubleshoot the Microsoft 365 managed desktop. We will review many common areas of misconfiguration and the corresponding errors that you might see when you are deploying applications and managing Windows 10 desktops using Windows Autopilot and Microsoft Intune.
This session covers real-word examples and notes from the fields when we dive deep into the nuts and bolts of these scenarios through the tools of troubleshooting. TBD, info’s coming soon
Employees demanding access to your corporate data and apps on their often own devices so that they can be productive. This can be a challenge for you as the Administrator, IT Manager or security counterpart in your organization.
During this session you will learn, via 10 practical tips, how to allow users to bring their devices in your company and allow access to corporate data securely. You will learn when to use what product or what feature to comply to your own set of security rules.
Expect a demo heavy and fully up to date session based on real life experiences gained while working on many Microsoft 365 related projects! After this session you will be able to implement the tips in your own environment.
Thomas Kurth Jörgen Nilsson, Ronni Pedersen Peter Daalmans
14.45-15.45Driver ManagementCloud attatchedIntune RBAC, Graph API
Wird im Jahre 2019 überhaupt noch Device Driver Updates und eine Driver Compliance mit Windows 10 benötigt?
Ja! Es braucht vor allem ein Update Management für Driver Updates, TPM Update und Firmware Updates. In dieser Session will ich Ihnen zeigen, warum es im Windows 10 und vor allem aus Sicht der Security heute umso wichtiger ist, ein funktionierendes und einfach verwaltbares Driver Update Management zu implementieren.
Das Windows 10 Feature Update hat in der Vergangenheit gezeigt, wie wichtig auch heute noch Driver Updates sind.
In der Session wird es darum gehen, wie Sie in einer SCCM Umgebung ein proaktives Driver Update oder bei einem Security Issue das Driver Update durchführen. Ebenso wird gezeigt, wie Sie in einer Firma ein Update Management sowie eine Treiber Compliance umsetzen können.
How to integrate the Store for Business and the benefits to use Apps, demonstrate Desktop Analytics. This Session is like the use of the best from Cloud and on-premesis Worlds. What can we do with Intune RBAC (Role Based Access Control) and how it work, there is also more to know, how you can simplify your Admin Life with Graph and Powershell.
Oliver Bernstein Thomas Kurth, Ronni Pedersen Mirko Colemberg
16.00-17.00Top 20 SCCM mistakesiOS Management with IntuneMeet the Windows Defender Family
As everyone knows: mistakes are a great way to learn things! Join this session to learn from the Top 20 mistakes that Panu has seen in real production environments during the years. It is also important to understand why you shouldn’t make these mistakes. Some presents critical security implications and some have major performance related issues. Mobile devices can be managed via EMS for a long time however, Microsoft is adding more and more features so that you are able to fully control them via Supervise Mode, or manage them loosely via MAM without enrollment. For years Apple is investing in the modern management of their iOS devices, which allows Microsoft to also manage iOS devices via Microsoft Intune and Azure Active Directory. During this session we take a look at the various features of the Windows Defender family such as Defender Smartscreen, Exploit Guard Network Protection, Attack Surface Rules and Defender ATP Vulnerability management and live response.
Panu Saukko, Jörgen Nilsson, Ronni Pedersen, Mirko Colemberg Peter Daalmans Alex Verboon
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