Armoring your mobile workforce warriors for the 21st century

In today’s world your mobile workforce will most likely have expanded significantly. Managing your ever expanding legion of mobile warriors and their arsenal of devices can be a challenging task. During this session we will show how Configuration Manager and the Intune extensions can help you in managing your troops and armoring them with the right tools for battle. Learn how Intune and System Center Configuration Manager makes it easy to manage all of your Windows, Windows Phone 8, iOS, and Android devices with a single pane of glass. We walk you through how to easily configure devices for your users by pushing Wi-Fi, VPN, certificate, and email profiles as soon as they are enrolled.We will cover configuration and management of device settings, provisioning profiles for Email, VPN and WiFi and other native features that come through the standard “Intune extensions”.

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    This was not so easy stuff. Lot of work to prepare the session.

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