CMCE 1811

Freitag 9 November 2018, Pathé Dietlikon / mit der Geekmania zusammen



08:30 – 09:30

CMCE Keynote: Best Of Ignite about Modern Workplace Management

All die Neuigkeiten, welche an der Ignite bezüglich Modern Workplace vorgestellt wurden,
was neu ist und was kommt, werden in dieser Session zusammengefasst und präsentiert.
Damit Ihr über die mehr als 1000 Sessions von der Ignite nicht den Überblick verliert und keine
Aufzeichnungen mit doppeltem Content anschaut, werden diese zusammengefasst.
So könnt Ihr Euch auf das Wesentliche beschränken; nämlich das, was Ihr wissen müsst für Eure Aufgaben im Job.
Mirko Colemberg
09.30-09.45 Pause

Ten practical tips to secure your corporate data with Microsoft 365 – 112018 edition

Employees demanding access to your corporate data and apps on their often own devices so that they can be productive. This can be a challenge for you as the Administrator, IT Manager or security counterpart in your organization.
During this session you will learn, via 10 practical tips, how to allow users to bring their devices in your company and allow access to corporate data securely. You will learn when to use what product or what feature to comply to your own set of security rules.
Expect a demo heavy and fully up to date session based on real life experiences gained while working on many Microsoft 365 related projects! After this session you will be able to implement the tips in your own environment.
Peter Daalmans
10.44-11.00 Pause

The new era of endpoint security?

Cyber Security & Defense is the emerging topic of the IT industry these days. A secure environment is no longer just a well-maintained firewall or a well-managed network. Rather, it is made up of several layers. However, most companies are „reactive“ instead of „proactive“, or neither, when it comes to securing their IT environments and detecting security breaches. In addition to this, the product portfolio and the security market is changing rapidly, and these changes make our jobs as IT Professionals significantly more difficult. But how can we deal with this challenge? In my session I will take a look into supposed “obvious“ security threats and how the Microsoft Cybersecurity stack can help to detect attackers and threats that have evaded our defenses.
Alexander Benoit
12.00-12.15 Pause
12.15-13.15 A hitchhiker’s guide to configmgr CB  : What are all these hidden gems?
With the rapid releases sometimes it is difficult to keep up with the latest and greatest in new features and updates for Configuration Manager Current Branch.

This session will give an overview of those features that you may have missed and how you can start using them in your environment. Mixed with a sneak peek on what features to expect in the near future and this should be the perfect session to kick off your day.

Kenny Buntinx
13.15-14.15 Lunch
14.15-15.15 Let’s Talk about Modern Workplace Security
Die Endgeräte und auch die Benutzer stehen im Zentrum heutiger Cyber Angriffe. Deshalb gilt es den Schutz der Endgeräte und der Identitäten zu erhöhen. In dieser Session zeigen wir euch auf, was alles mit dem Microsoft Ökosystem möglich ist und wo die Limitationen sind.
Thomas Kurth / Alex Verboon
15.15-15.30 Pause
15.30-16.30 SCCM notes from a developer site, direct from MS
AMA Ask me anything, bring questions and wishes to this session, Djam will take this to his PG.
David James (Djam)
16.30 – 16.45 Pause
16.45 – 17.45 SCCM notes from a developer site, direct from MS
AMA Ask me anything, bring questions and wishes to this session, Djam will take this to his PG.
David James (Djam)
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