CMCE 1805

Freitag 25 Mai 2018, Digicomp Bern


Config Manager CB what’s new

Die Top 10 in Config Manager 1802 die helfen in der Produktion, einige Tipps und Tricks und alles rund herum wie die neuen Feature einzusetzen sind, dazu noch die eine oder andere Geschichte zu diesem Release.
Mirko Colemberg
10.00-10.15 Pause

Troubleshooting Modern Authentication Protocols – OAuth 2.0 & OpenID Connect (level-400)

If you have been working with claims-aware apps, you may have experience with WS-Federation and SAML. As we move into a new era of authentication and delegation, the modern authentication protocols OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0 are becoming predominant. Giving us seamless authentication with perhaps SSO when it all works, but what if it doesn’t, do you know how to troubleshoot?
Come to this deep-dive session with John Craddock, and he will share his extensive real-world experience. You will learn how to rapidly troubleshoot issues and identify the source of the problem whether it be an application issue or as the result of a misconfigured identity provider (IdP). You will discover how to troubleshooting with both Azure AD and AD FS as the IdPs. The session is packed with demos, the session will be high on the geek meter scale and shouldn’t be missed.
John Craddock

Deep-dive: Azure Active Directory authentication and Single-Sign-On (level-300)

Azure AD Connect is used to synchronise on-premises users to Azure AD, but how do you give your users the best possible sign-in experience? There is a whole range of possibilities, password synchronisation, federated SSO with AD FS, pass-through authentication, and Azure AD Connect single sign-on. We can then add Windows 10 into the mix with Azure AD join and Windows Hello. Struggling to know what to do? Come to this session, and John Craddock will show you the advantages and caveats associated with each option. Fully informed, you will be able to choose the best options for your environment.  The session is full of demos and should not be missed.
John Craddock
12.30-13.30 Lunch

Windows 10 in einem Enterprise Umfeld

Beschreibung folgt noch
Oliver Bernstein
14.30-14.45 Pause

Let’s speak about Modern Workplace Security

 Die Endgeräte und auch die Benutzer stehen im Zentrum heutiger Cyber Angriffe. Deshalb gilt es den Schutz der Endgeräte und der Identitäten zu erhöhen. In dieser Session zeige ich euch auf, was alles mit dem Microsoft Ökosystem möglich ist und wo die Limitationen sind. Zudem werden wir einzelne Angriffe direkt in der Session simulieren.
Thomas Kurth
15.45-16.00 Pause
16.00-17.00 Round Table, Diskussion, Ask the Expert Pannel  
John, Mirko, Oliver, Thomas
17:00-…. Uhr Apero


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